Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Rainbow Cake

I have not been feeling well; I have been suffering from migraines lately, so I've put my spatula down for a while and have not been cooking much. I was feeling much better today after staying home for the day and just laying in a dark room. After finally being able to sleep I woke up ravished, but for something sweet. I searched the web for a recipe and I found this incredible rainbow cake from Aleta Meadowlark from the deliciously written food blog Omnomicon. Click here to see the whole process of making this fabulous cake. She has some incredible pics of the recipe.

I'm thinking that I might make this awesome, yet groovy looking cake for my niece's first birthday. It looks very fun and I specially love the colors.

Speaking of cakes, I made the chocoflan again several weeks ago, and this cake still baffles me. I wish the show "Good Eats" would explain why this cake works. I mean, you place the cake batter then a wetter, custard batter on top (see pic below),

yet when it comes out, the flan forms at the bottom and chocolate cake goodness remains moist. The original chocoflan recipe is here.

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