Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Restaurant Review: Carnitas Uruapan

Carnitas Uruapan, Tijuana, Mexico Carnitas Uruapan

Bulevar Díaz Ordáz 550

Across from Plaza Patria, La Mesa, Tijuana

Phone: 664 681-61-81

Carnitas, which literally translates to "little meats," is a very well known and beloved pork dish in Mexico. Basically it is marinated pork simmered in huge copper pots with enough lard to cover it, often with the addition of garlic and sometimes fruit juices, until tender and crisp, then served in chunks with tortillas, salsa, cilantro, guacamole, and onions. The entire process takes from 3 to 4 hours and because of this, our family usually goes to well known establishments that specialize in carnitas rather than making it ourselves.Huge copper pot

The restaurant we like to go to, and coincidently it's one of the most well-known restaurants in Tijuana, Mexico, is Carnitas Uruapan. At Carnitas Uruapan the meat is served by the kilo at long, communal wooden tables to a mostly local crowd. There is usually a mariachi band in the premises; however at $10 a song, it can be costly if you want mariachi music accompanied while you eat. Family & friends enjoying the carnitas

A half kilo of carnitas is plenty for two people, and costs around $15. All of the carnitas include beans, freshly made tortillas, salsa, onions, cilantro and guacamole. It's a casual restaurant and a great place for tourists and/or large groups of people. I also recommend you order a bucket of beer and pitchers of margaritas as this is more cost-effective

Credit cards are not accepted at this establishment, so bring pesos or dollars. It's open daily from 7AM to 3AM. There is plenty of parking for patrons and most of the servers speak (some) English. If you're a vegetarian, this is not a place for you!

A plate full of carnitas

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