Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Restaurant Review: Blue Bayou @ Disneyland

Blue Bayou inside Disneyland 1313 S Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 92802-2309 (714) 781-4565

After 30-something years, I finally dined at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland. You know which restaurant I'm talking about, right? Do you remember getting on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride back in the 80's and as the boat took you to the land where 'dead men tell no tales,' there was a restaurant off to the right-side? Well, that's where I went. Of course, I had to make reservations a few days ahead since the restaurant gets booked solid on the weekends.

If you don't know the Blue Bayou, then let me describe the restaurant: It's always a starry night inside (the ceiling is painted black and faux stars shine above). This semi-elegant and romantic eatery overlooks the tree-shrouded entrance of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Strings of Japanese lanterns and candles set a dramatic backdrop, with faux frogs and critter noises completing the swampy effect. Fireflies flicker in the distance, creating a romantic vibe, while attentive service provides a welcome respite from the madding Disneyland crowds outside.

The menu is Creole-Southern Style with a California accent--and the food is reasonably priced compared to all the other overpriced food and merchandise Disney sells to the public. My husband (who got on Space Mountain twice!) ordered their specialty: Bayou Roast Pork Loin. It is a jerk seasoned pork loin and served with root beer spiced apples, their famous Blue Bayou potatoes and fresh sautéed vegetables $16.99.

I got the Roast Prime Rib of Beef served with creamy horseradish sauce and au jus. The prime rib is accompanied by Blue Bayou potatoes (I opted for a veggie side instead) and a Southern-style popover brimming with fresh sautéed vegetables $17.99. If you go during dinner time, add about $5 to each entree.

The one good thing about the Blue Bayou is that they don't serve alcohol (actually, there is no alcohol served in all of Disneyland) this way the bill is always reasonable. Our total was just over $40 bucks and it was worth it. So if you plan on visiting Disneyland soon, make sure you call ahead and make a reservation. You'll enjoy dining at the Blue Bayou restaurant!

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nerdy said...

oh my goodness, i have ALWAYS wanted to eat at the blue bayou... i'm so glad i found your blog, you're the only person i "know" who's actually been there.

sorry. i'm excited.

like i said, i just happened upon your blog. i'm impressed. i don't have a lot of time to cook because i'm still in school, but we have the "non-blonde red sox fan" title in common. :)

great job!