Monday, May 16, 2005

An Open Letter to the Mean Kitty

Dear Mean Kitty: I heard that you "inadvertently" fed your dog a stick a butter, wrapper and all. What's up with that? Is your doggie, Max, really that bad? I know you didn't leave the butter out on purpose, but do you think you subconsciously left it out because Max ate your door? And your towels? And socks, bras, his first pillow, all his toys...and because he sniffs everyone's butts all the time--especially Nathalie's? I know you know this but there are training aids out there like the PetSafe Big Dog trainer. Sure it's a big, bulky collar that sends electronic shock waves down your dogs spine that may or may not affect his brain, but would you rather have another "Butter Incident?" I don't think so. Miss Kitty, I fear that if things don't get any better you and your husband will have to buy Max a PetCell. And you know the first pet he's going to call is going to be Mr. Tuna! "MEOWWW" NEXT WEEK: An Open Letter to the Wild Chipmunk

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